Join us to explore seldom-heard-of-places with unspoiled scenery in China and beyond. Our trips let you experience places rich in culture and history so that you learn something in a fun and relaxing way. And in the process, we make great friends with one another and with the locals! So just pack your bags, come with an open mind and we will share with you all the fun without the hassle! 

Our vision of travel: 

(1) Fuel your sense of adventure through exploring off-the-beaten-track places

(2) Experience the local culture and understand its history with our guide explanation (English speaking)

(3) Make great friends with a few like-minded travelers: only small group travel every time

(4) Relax and enjoy: Backpacking-like experience, yet without the hassle of planning

Contact us at or (852)-6437-6810 to find out more!